Wrought iron

For the manufacture of decorative and industrial products iron is one of the most important metals to this day. Many dealers and manufacturers have switched to stainless steel or similar metals, while wrought iron convinces with its ease of processing and has not lost any of its grace. For experienced do-it-yourselfers and locksmiths, just a use of wrought iron is ideal, from the decoration of the garden fence to the house number his in individual living ideas auszugestalten.

A versatile selection can be found in our online store, there you will find prefabricated items made of wrought iron, which we also add unique custom designs at your request.

Enhance garden and house with wrought iron in the usual way

For the design of interior and exterior wrought iron was used generations ago. If your elaborately decorated iron gate or your old iron fence needs repair or touch-up, you have come to the right place. For the right material, which among other things also complements the existing look, you choose exactly the right one with the wrought iron from Stahl24. Rosettes or balls of wrought iron are always an eye-catcher on fences and gates, but they also invite rather to individual and creative garden design. A look at our diverse range of these special hardware, for example, our exclusive Baroque series with which you can implement decorative design ideas as centuries ago, is worthwhile for you.

Discover the many uses of wrought iron

For creative building you will find more than 2,000 products made of wrought iron in our store. A decorative object made of wrought iron is attached by welding, which can be done by a skilled layman himself or a specialist company. Letters and numbers are among the preferred items of the wrought iron assortment, you can use them to decorate your house wall with an aesthetic house number. Painting or galvanizing of wrought iron, as raw material, is of course possible. Thus, the article gets a color tone selected by you, furthermore, this contributes to a prolonged life. Your imaginative design ideas can also be implemented with the wrought iron and can thus be used for the construction of other products.

Custom-made and exquisite articles of wrought iron you can order from us

You want to beautify your garden and house with the attractive products from our wrought iron range? Online you can purchase our articles at a favorable price and get more information about the respective products.

If in our assortment is not the right thing for you and you want to implement your own ideas, please contact us! In our specialized company, custom wrought iron products are made without any problems, we manufacture them according to your ideas. The result will be decorative and practical items, which will meet your ideas at home or in business. Let us make you an offer, tailored to you, for your wrought iron products without obligation.

We have more than 2000 articles around wrought iron, such as handrails, fence tops, ornaments, scrolls, fence panels, house numbers, and locks. Special designs are of course also no problem!

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