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Pipe connectors for two different diameters: And it fits!

For a stable and safe assembly of various pipe connections, high-quality pipe connectors are essential. Pipe connectors from Stahl24.eu convince in contrast to some articles from England by the high durability, their accuracy of fit and their shiny and shapely appearance.

Pipe connectors for any application

Pipe connectors are used in a wide variety of work areas and industries. Pipe fittings are often used in the fashion industry as clothes racks or to build clothes rails, where they must meet the high requirements. High quality pipe fittings are also often used in the furniture industry. Pipe fittings from Stahl24.eu are also used extensively in the industrial and leisure sectors. In games and sports equipment, in the segment of leisure and fitness sports, on soccer pitches, in stadiums or even in equestrian sports. It will surprise you, in which areas everything high-quality pipe connectors are used.

Safe and yet flexible thanks to suitable pipe connectors
A great advantage of pipe connectors lies in the great flexibility.
They are quickly and easily attached and thus ensure, with the help of a few handles, the required safety. In order to realize a fall protection by means of pipes, in the area of industrial plants these connections are often and gladly used. If necessary - for example, when delivering goods - our pipe connections can be quickly and easily separated and thus opened.
A durable as well as flexible solution can thus be realized. Convenient and particularly easy to use our connectors. All our pipe connectors are supplied with corresponding self-tapping screws, so you can use the pipe connectors immediately. It's very simple: Insert the pipe into the required connector and tighten it to 40 Nm using the self-tapping screws. This way you have created a durable and strong connection, which can be easily and quickly loosened if necessary. So you can remain constantly flexible and respond to all requirements.

Even experts are convinced by the material quality of our pipe fittings

We offer you only high-quality products compared to the competition. And you will notice that - the pipe fittings of Stahl24.eu are, among other things, hot-dip galvanized as well as electrogalvanized, as well as made of first-class malleable cast iron. All this ensures longer life and better quality of the material, and also contributes to an attractive appearance. The pipe fittings from us are bright shiny, compared to products from many competitors, and so can be used in the visible area without any problems. All pipe connectors you receive from us have been TÜV tested and can therefore be used by you immediately for the necessary safety. Important here is the outer pipe diameter of individual pipes. In order to be able to purchase the correct pipe fittings, this must be known. The specification of the inner diameter of the pipes is not sufficient, because the thickness of the pipes can still vary. With pipe connectors from Stahl24.eu you connect your pipes of the most diverse diameters without any problems, safely and permanently in the most diverse areas.

In this category you will find all available pipe connectors, which are used to connect 2 different pipe diameters, so for example a T-piece for a handrail of Ø 42.4 mm and a support tube of Ø 33.7 mm.

Many pipe connectors are used to connect pipes with the same outer diameter. In most cases, this is exactly what is desired by the customer. In some cases, however, the connection of pipes with different outside diameters is desired. For this purpose, too, there are suitable pipe connectors here in the online store. The pipe connectors for two different diameters are made of high-quality tempered cast iron, which has been both hot-dip galvanized and electrogalvanized. Pipe connectors such as corner, cross and T-pieces are available for selection here.

Pipe connectors for a wide variety of purposes

Pipe connectors for two different diameters can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, you can connect a tubular post with a relatively large outer diameter to several thinner cross braces. Among other things, this can be useful for railings and barriers, but also for carports with a skeleton of pipes. Of course, the respective pipe connector for two different diameters should fit the pipes with the pipe diameters for which you need a connection.

In the range of this online store you will find, among other things, the continuous cross piece, which connects a pipe with an outer diameter of 26.9 millimeters with a pipe that has an outer diameter of 48.3 millimeters. Another variant is the T-piece specially designed for support pipes, which also connects a 26.9-millimeter pipe with a 48.3-millimeter pipe. Other pipe connectors for two different diameters connect, for example, 60.3-millimeter with 48.3-millimeter pipes or 48.3-millimeter with 42.4-millimeter pipes.

Various pipe designs are conceivable

All pipe connectors for two different diameters can, of course, be used together with cross pieces and joint pieces for pipes with the same outer diameter, as well as with the other pipe connectors in our assortment, to build a pipe construction of your choice.

All pipe connectors in this online store come with the required quantity of clamping self-tapping screws. They are tightened with a torque of 40 newton meters. The clamp-cutting screws firmly connect the pipes to the pipe connectors. However, you can also conveniently loosen them again with the right tool. This is particularly practical if you use the tube constructions during events such as concerts and trade fairs and need to dismantle them afterwards. This works quickly and easily. All clamp cutting screws here in the online store are made of stainless steel and are thus just as robust as the tube connectors.

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