Balls and cubes

For fence struts and railing posts, stainless steel balls with their perfectly shaped and harmonious appearance are ideal as a finish. Open rod ends and screws are hidden by a ball and thus round off the design.
Stainless steel balls are versatile in use, for example, as a decorative element or to secure sharp edges on fences, gates and railings. With us you will find many different balls in the assortment, with these you can individually design your garden fence or railing. For a permanent use, for example, in the outdoor area, are mostly our carefully processed stainless steel balls suitable.
Your durable stainless steel ball made of V2A stainless steel, you can now order online with us!

Stainless steel ball for fences, garden gates and railings

As a Zaundeko, decorative element or squiggle stainless steel balls are very popular.
Barriers and railings, which otherwise give a rather angular impression, round you harmoniously. To give a built structure a beautiful finish, decorative balls with a thread can simply be placed on garden gates or fence posts. Furthermore, there is the possibility to insert stainless steel balls in different ways as an eye-catcher in a railing or in a garden fence. We offer various solutions for the attachment of their purchased stainless steel balls. The stainless steel ball has, depending on the desired design, a thread, a through hole or another hole such as a blind hole. For an attachment to fence posts or filler rods, you can get your stainless steel ball on request, for example, to glue on with us. The balls in our offer are made of durable V2A stainless steel and are suitable for indoor and also mostly for outdoor use.

Use a stainless steel ball for decoration and termination

The stainless steel ball is not only used as a pure decorative element, it can also contribute as a termination for filler bars and posts for safety. A risk of injury is often present with pointed ends and sawn bars, which can be prevented by the use of stainless steel balls. In various areas, the use of fence spikes is not permitted, depending on the height of the fence. Here, a stainless steel ball is a safe alternative, it also gives the fence a balanced finish.

A half hollow ball you get from us as an alternative to the closed stainless steel ball as a fence ball. As a conclusion, these half balls can be placed on any flat surface, for example, on round balusters. Furthermore, you can order your stainless steel balls with a through hole with us and thus put the balls at any desired position on the filler rods.

Buy stainless steel balls at your top dealer Stahl24.eu

Stahl24 offers you as a specialized dealer for various stainless steel components a wide range of stainless steel balls, accessories and railing posts. From the typical stainless steel ball in the form of a solid sphere to a hollow sphere with a through hole - discover our wide range! Each of our stainless steel balls is made of the high-quality material V2A.

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