Grating securing and fastening

A high-quality grating is indispensable for high safety in industrial halls or private garages. It is important that the fastening material fits exactly to the mesh width of the grating and is quick and easy to install, only this ensures maximum stability and safety. We offer a wide range of fasteners for gratings and are also one of the few suppliers in Germany who have this in stock. We supply you with the required grating fastening in all variants, made of stainless steel and galvanized steel. For your grating fasteners you are assured of fair conditions in our own pick-up warehouse.For your purpose we will find the right grating fastener for youUp to a maximum grating height of 70 mm for the mesh sizes, our range includes grating fasteners and accessories for the industry standards 30/10, 30/20 and 30/30.By using grating fasteners you contribute to the greatest possible stability and thus prevent slipping of the grating on surfaces of any kind. In our offer we have grating fasteners in the design of single as well as double clamps, also you will find special accessories for securing and mounting. We will be pleased to inform you which type of grating fasteners is suitable for your application and complies with the standards of your field of work.Grating fasteners, which are manufactured according to the latest guidelinesThe grating fasteners you receive from us comply in all our variants with the latest guidelines and regulations, for example according to the requirements for the 30/20 gratings in plant construction. It is ordered that such gratings are walked on as little as possible and thus it is averted that for example screws or other various small objects can fall through. Stahl24.eu is also the right partner for you when it comes to anti-theft grating fasteners. With our articles you can create intelligent connections between several gratings or you additionally attach safety chains to the installed gratings for security. For example, you can use these articles to secure light shafts of your cellar and thus give burglars no opportunity.Order more accessories to match your grating fasteners onlineFast delivery times we can assure you through our extensive stock, by the way, not only in the field of grating fasteners. Of course, we also carry various gratings for the private as well as industrial sector, for which you can use our grating fasteners as well as our other accessories. If you have a question about grating fasteners, feel free to contact us or get an impression of our wide range online. In order to make the right choice for you, our competent team will be happy to assist you in word and deed. Thus you can ensure more protection and security in private premises or at the workplace. Honest and clear conditions are common with your order of all our metal goods.Fastening materials as well as other accessories - here you get everything from your top dealerFor any type of grating as well as for the different mesh sizes we offer fastening materials as well as accessories. In our offer you will find galvanized retaining clips, galvanized double retaining clips, single lugs as well as other grating fasteners. The advantage is, you can order the whole offer as single parts or also as pre-assembled, complete fasteners. Since we have a large stock, we can guarantee you a fast delivery! Call us or come by and see for yourself. Our large pick-up warehouse is located at Hafenstraße 93, 90768 Fürth, Germany.
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