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Staircase grating steps XXL staircase grating up to 3200 mm support width - load 2.0 kN on load cube 50x50 mm² or 5.00 kN/m² according to DIN 1055-3 - suitable for escape stairs!

These stair treads are manufactured in sizes from 1600x270 to 3200x400 mm (l x w) with MW of 30x30 or 30x10.
On request, the support and or filler rods are slip-resistant.

Stair tread gratings must transfer the following loads at their leading edge according to quality assurance RAL-GZ 638:
For a maximum running width of 1200 mm, a load of 1.5 kN (for public buildings 2.0 kN) is applied centrally, distributed over a contact area of 100x100 mm (for public buildings 50 mm²).
For running widths greater than 1200 mm, several point loads of 1.5 kN each (or 2.0 kN),
distributed over contact surfaces of 100x100 mm each, acting simultaneously along the leading edge at intervals of 600 mm are included.
The number of simultaneously acting concentrated loads results from the quotient of support width (running width) / 600 [mm]. This value is rounded down to the nearest whole number.
The deflection must not exceed 1/300 of the support width, but not more than 6 mm.

In order to cope with these loads, a highly stable supporting structure made of U-section steel is integrated in stairtread gratings for large support widths.
Of course, stair tread gratings are designed according to DIN 24531 with double perforated safety edge and lateral edgings made of flat iron with holes for attachment to the staircase structure.
The steps are made of steel and hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 in a full bath.

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