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Pipe connector | Connector inside | 150 | 26,9 mm - 48,3 mm | 3/4 - 1 1/2 | Malleable cast iron and electrogalvanized
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Pipe connector | External extension piece | 149 | 26.9 mm - 60.3 mm | 3/4 - 2 | Malleable cast iron and electrogalvanized
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Pipe connector extension piece: 2 times short becomes once long

A pipe connector extension piece connects two pipes with the same diameter and the same wall thickness so that a new straight and longer pipe is created from them. There are two variants: the extension piece whose two ends are pressed into the inside of each of the two pipes (inner connector), and the one in which the two ends enclose the pipes (outer connector). Pipe connector extension pieces can be used, for example, for the construction of pipe structures such as shelves or barriers built from pipes.

Pipe connector extension piece: inner or outer connector?

Inner connectors are somewhat more inconspicuous than outer connectors and do not increase the diameter of the pipe structure. For this purpose, internal connectors are robust and external connectors are even slightly more robust. In general, however, you should keep in mind with all extensions that the extended pipe is usually less resilient than non-extended pipes. If necessary, you must support the pipe construction at a suitable point.

Pipe connector extension pieces are available as internal connectors for pipes with an outer diameter of 26.9 up to 48.3 millimeters. This corresponds to inside diameters of ¾ to 1 ½ inches. For outer connectors, the range of diameters extends from 26.9 to 60 3 millimeters (inner diameter: ¾ to 2 inches). The pipes are firmly connected to the pipe connectors by means of self-tapping screws. This enables a secure connection that can be released relatively quickly with suitable tools if necessary. The torque is 40 newton meters (nm). Suitable Allen keys can also be found in our range.

We offer robust professional quality

The pipe connector extension pieces in this online store is made of malleable cast iron, which has been electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized. The connectors are thus optimally protected against corrosion as well as weathering. They are durable and stable. The supplied clamping self-tapping screws are also very resistant. They are made of a stainless stainless steel. Basically, we supply all the pipe connectors available here with the required self-tapping screws. And besides the pipe connector extenders, you can get special pipe connectors for handrails as well as variable angles, for example. Like all pipe connectors in the range of this online store, the pipe connector extension pieces have also been tested by TÜV. So here you get tested top quality.

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