Handrail holder

Handrail bracket | with retaining plate for: Ø 42.4 mm | V2A
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Handrail bracket | with clip rosette | handrail for welding on | V2A
6,70 EUR
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Handrail bracket | with cover rosette and thread: M6 | V2A
6,37 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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Handrail holder

The variety of handrail holders in our offer is enormous. But ultimately we want to be able to offer the right model for every customer. As an aid to orientation, this text should give you an initial overview of the various forms and areas of application.

Handrail brackets for a wide variety of fabrics

So we distinguish first between the mounting bases. Mainly, three different categories can be named:
  • Glass
  • Pipes
  • Walls

Here, the first basis turns out to be the most difficult, while walls, walls and pipes are usually a lesser problem. Glass, however, requires a sensitive drilling for handrail holders. After all, it must be able to be fixed accordingly. Thus, in this area we offer stainless steel models according to AISI 1.4301, which not only testifies to high, stainless quality, but also to a perfectly matching appearance for glass. The fine grinding of 240 grain harmonizes perfectly.

Handrail holders for tubes are available for both round and rectangular or square tubes. Here, too, we work exclusively with V2A stainless steel. Since the designs are available in any distances and pipe diameters, we go later in the text on the possible settings of all handrail holders together.

Walls and walls are the smallest problem. If a stable wall is given the handrail holders for walls and walls can be attached after a short drilling. Here are also models with thread possible. So if stainless steel pins as a holder should not be or simply not be desired, so here can easily be helped by a handrail holder with a thread for walls.

Innumerable applications of handrail holders

Quite classically, handrail holders are used for curtain rods. Here, mostly ball rings are used to hold the rods, but also holding plates serve their purpose. A visual fancy are our handrail swords. They are made of a single casting and can be purchased either for welding on or with a base plate.

A special feature is represented by handrail brackets with screws. They are used less often, but can bring immense flexibility to the design of the rooms. Especially when it comes to holders for lamps or the like.

Handrail holders also possible to supplement

Who, for example, the holder is worn out, because the pressure of the rod lying on it was too great in the long run, which can also help themselves with handrail connection plates. These consist only of the wall bracket, usually with two screws to fix, and the rest can be ordered individually in addition.

As already mentioned, according to this principle, the handrails are also acquirable. So any bracket can also be purchased without a corresponding base plate. Thus a particularly high individual note is given in the composition. Some rod holders are even equipped with an angle hinge, whereby any requirements can be met exactly.
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