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Steelbuddy.eu - Your Specialist for Wrought Iron

Ordering wrought iron online made easy: a service we take seriously at Steelbuddy.eu. We recognize the potential and versatile applications of ornamental wrought iron bars, which can be used for a wide range of projects. Not only do they provide stability and strength, but they also enhance the beauty of gates, railings, balustrades, and similar objects. Wrought iron is also widely used for artistic pieces.

As your specialist for wrought iron, we have all the variations you need in our product range. It starts with functional anchor plates for welding, extends to classic elements such as letters or house numbers, and includes decorative parts like balls or rings. Take a look at our extensive selection of wrought iron and find the perfect enhancement for handrails, fences, or even doors. We also offer door handles, locks, and rosettes. Sliding gate fittings can be found separately in our online shop.

Wrought Iron - sturdy, rust-free, construction steel

The material used for wrought iron is iron, as the name implies. However, the term "iron" needs further clarification when it comes to wrought iron. The steel grade S235JR used for wrought iron falls under the category of construction steel. Although the distinction between construction and quality steels is no longer necessary due to technological advancements in the field of iron, the classification of steels is determined by EN standards. In the case of our S235JR steel, the "S" stands for "Structural Steel," which describes steels used in construction. The yield strength, also known as the tensile strength, is indicated in N/mm2 in the relevant EN 10027 standard. The yield strength for this material ranges from 185 to 355 N/mm2. Our gratings, tread gratings, and their fastening materials are also hot-dip galvanized. Our pipe connectors made of malleable cast iron have different production methods and material compositions, so the mentioned standard does not apply to them.

But enough about the structure of our wrought iron. It is important to know that our products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They do not rust, so they will maintain their shine and visually enhance your projects for years to come. Stainless steel is often considered to have a more visually appealing effect, but wrought iron stands strong in comparison. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the stability and durability of wrought iron once it is installed. It will perform its job flawlessly, no matter how long. The enduring presence of the Eiffel Tower, made entirely of wrought iron, for over 120 years is a convincing example of its reliability and longevity.

Wrought iron finds application everywhere

But it's not just the 325-meter-tall wrought iron structure that can benefit from ornamental iron. As previously mentioned, fences, doors, gates, and many other items can be adorned with accessories such as rosettes, balls, or spikes. Handrails and decorative bars also see a positive transformation when wrought iron is used. The appealing iron accessories add value in terms of both stability and aesthetics. So, it's not only our stainless steel components that are possible.

As your specialist for wrought iron, we deliver all kinds of accessories, products, and items made of wrought iron right to your doorstep. Ordering wrought iron online is hassle-free at Steelbuddy.eu. We handle large deliveries without any problem. You can find detailed information about our delivery and shipping costs, as transparency is important to us. Feel free to contact us anytime for more specific information. We are always here to help you with any product inquiries. Let our selection of wrought iron inspire you and find the perfect item to fulfill your desires.

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