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Whether on public buildings or in industry - grating steps are a durable and versatile choice for the construction of indoor and outdoor stairs. In our offer you can find hot-dip galvanized grating steps, they are made of S235JR material and then hot-dip galvanized. On request you can also get grating steps made of stainless steel V2A. All this and much more with the service and quality of a German wholesaler. A small quantity of steps or for larger projects several pallets are no problem for us. Our grating steps are available in sizes from 600x240 to 1500x305 mm, with a mesh size from 30/30 to 30/10 mm. Larger purchase quantities are stored with us and can thus be delivered within one working day - short delivery times are honest with us!

For all your purposes you will find grating steps

The XXL and XSL grating steps are the heart of our range and are produced by the company MEA. These grating steps are equally suitable for operational, private and public projects and are characterized by a special stability, which is unusual in the industry. A higher load capacity with increasing step width is guaranteed by the fact that the bearing bars of the grating step always run in one running direction, this bearing bar structure is patented. This is particularly advantageous if, for example, you want to equip fire and emergency staircases in public buildings or shopping centers with non-slip and resilient grating steps. An option are mesh sizes from 30/10 to 30/30 as well as a slip resistance, which is useful, for example, in the processing industry when using oils and greases.

Use our extensive selection of grating steps

Long-lasting grating steps and matching fastening material can be found in our extensive range. You can find grating steps of any size, starting from 60 cm width, up to a maximum of 3.20 meters, which are mainly used for industrial and public purposes. If you would like to replace individual grating steps over the years, you can also obtain smaller quantities from us. The delivery of smaller quantities is generally possible within one working day - of course we do not charge a minimum quantity surcharge. A direct pick-up of the grating steps from our warehouse is no problem for us, this is a rare service in this country. So you get faster to the steps and can assemble them immediately.

Acquire qualitative grating steps and much more from our versatile range

Of course we offer direct and fast delivery not only for our grating steps, but for all our products. We have other branded products, for example pipe connectors, in stock and in a large selection. Contact us in advance if you want to pick up goods from us that they are in stock in the desired quantity. Or you can simply get an overview of our large assortment of metal goods online. Also, use the telephone contact with us to talk about the suitability of each item for your project.
Much experience and a wide range of grating steps as well as other metal goods are our hobby horses, which you will not find at other dealers so in this country!

Optimal for the construction of warehouse stairs, entrance stairs and escape stairs are our welding press grating steps, grating steps, XSL or XXL or our press grating steps.

With us you will find a rich selection of grating steps. We offer a wide range of XSL, XXL grating steps as well as pressed welded grating steps (SP). Our steps are made exclusively of hot-dip galvanized material S235JR (St37) and stand out for their high quality. The XSL and XXL steps can be used without hesitation in public building projects. Special designs made of stainless steel, steel and aluminum are of course also possible. We are happy to advise you, contact us or come in person, we look forward to your visit to Hafenstraße 93, 90768 Fürth.

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