Pipe connector | T-piece short | 101 | 21.3 mm - 60.3 mm | 1/2 - 2 | Malleable cast iron and electrogalvanized
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Tube connector | Swivel piece | 147 | 33.7 mm - 48.3 mm | 1 - 1 1/2 | Malleable cast iron and electrogalvanized
Art.-Nr.: 147
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Tube connector | T-connector long | 104 | 26.9 mm - 60.3 mm | 3/4 - 2 | Malleable iron and electrogalvanized
Art.-Nr.: 104
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Pipe connector tees: the perfect connection

Pipe connectors tees usually connect a pipe at a 90-degree angle with another pipe or with two pipes. For example, they can form the connection of vertically set tubular posts of a railing with the horizontal crossbar. Pipe connector tees can also be used, among other things, to build furniture from metal pipes, clothes racks, fences and other barriers, greenhouses and canopies. There are numerous applications for pipe connector tees.

Pipe connector tees connect two pipes. Or three.

Short tees connect two pipes together: the tee is placed on one pipe, while the second pipe is fed through the opening of the tee at a 90-degree angle. Long tees, on the other hand, connect three pipes. Here, too, they include the one on which the tee is placed. This pipe is connected by the pipe connector to two other pipes, each branching off at a 90-degree angle. Additional flexibility offers you when building pipe structures, for example, open tees, which they can install in existing pipe structures.

The pipe connectors tees here in the range connect pipes together with the help of self-tapping screws. Connecting pipes works very easily and quickly with them. The self-tapping screws are tightened with 40 Newton meters, so that a very solid connection is created. If necessary, however, this connection can be undone just as quickly. This is particularly advantageous for temporary constructions, for example, barriers for events or exhibition stands that are dismantled again after the trade fair.

The tees are just one variant of the pipe connectors in this online store. In the range you will find, among other things, corner pieces and articulated pieces. This allows you to realize numerous designs.

FeNau supplies pipe connector tees of the highest quality

At FeNau, you can get hot-dip galvanized and electrogalvanized pipe connector tees made of "malleable cast iron". Due to both the manufacturing process and the material, these sturdy pipe connectors have a long service life and an attractive appearance. And like all pipe connectors in the range, the pipe connector tees are also TÜV tested.

At FeNau you can get pipe connector tees for a wide range of different pipe outside diameters. Smaller connectors are suitable for pipes with diameters of just over 20 millimeters. Large variants are available for pipes with diameters of over 60 millimeters.

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