Stahl24 offers gratings in a wide range of designs and for the most versatile applications. Our range consists of gratings in different sizes, carefully manufactured and of the highest quality. Also special designs are no problem for us. You will find standard building gratings, solid gratings, platform gratings, garage gratings and industrial gratings. On request, you can also get corrugated plates, stainless steel gratings, aluminum gratings and GRP gratings from us.
To round off our grating - offer, you will find at Stahl24 the appropriate mat goods as well as the appropriate fastening material for any types of gratings.

Safe cover options through gratings

An optimal and safe cover for a light well is guaranteed by a standard grating or construction standard grating. Gratings with expanded metal overlay are popularly used for entrance gratings. Since the gratings are hot-dip galvanized in a full bath during production, they offer optimum corrosion protection. Standard gratings are pressed gratings with a U-profile border. Safety is our first priority, therefore all our standard gratings can be walked on, provided that the support and the direction of the bearing bars are observed. Garage gratings can even be driven on by car. These gratings we carry in stock in large quantities and are thus quickly available for you.

Grid gratings are versatile, as a cover for light wells, for garage entrances or at a location of your choice. As a scraper and dirt trap for the entrance area for private homes, but also for commercial properties, for example, government agencies or social institutions such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens or nursing and retirement homes gratings are an ideal choice. In public buildings, for example, parking garages, gratings have their field of application in the area of cover for cable and line shafts.

For garage entrances, it is best to choose a grating that is passable from our range. Frames and frames in the associated matching sizes we offer you for uncomplicated and quick installation. You need a special design? That's no problem for us - gratings, frames and frames are available from us made to measure. Suitable frames for your grating are available in aluminum, stainless steel V2A/V4A and hot-dip galvanized angle steel. On your request also gladly with wall anchor or without, drilling or counterbore.

Industrial - gratings: stable and resilient partner in your business

If you need a grating that can be heavily loaded, you make a perfect choice with the industrial gratings of Stahl24. Our industrial gratings are pressed gratings that are hot-dip galvanized, which have a flat iron edging produced in a rod-in-rod pressing. You will find a wide range of dimensions and sizes. An ideal field of application for industrial gratings are industrial as well as craft enterprises. The durable industrial gratings as well as welded press locked gratings are also used in plant construction.

You can get comprehensive advice on which grating is suitable for your project or for the area of application intended by you, with us.

In us you will find a competent contact, with solid expertise on gratings and their fastenings.

Grating: A wide selection of mat goods

Mat goods are available from us in two different grating designs, as a welded press mat or pressed mat. You can choose the thickness and dimension freely, this allows you a wide range of variants. We also procure your mat goods on request - of course, you will receive goods from us in the best and most careful processing.

Stahl24 offers you an extensive range in the field of gratings, which you can easily and conveniently order online. On site, we are of course also happy to help you, you will find our office and our pick-up warehouse in the Hafenstraße 93 in Fürth. Of course, we offer you in addition to gratings many other products from the field of metal construction.

Your competent partner for gratings in a wide range of variants, from normal construction standard grating or welded press locked grating to the grating to measure we are

A wide range of different gratings we have in stock for you. It includes not only construction standard gratings, you will also find industrial gratings, welded industrial gratings and garage gratings. Our expert staff will help you find the right grating for you. Contact us or visit us at Hafenstraße 93, in 90768 Fürth.

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