Stainless steel pins

Stainless steel pins

A screw thread cannot always be found just where you want it. Stainless steel pins help against this. With an internal or external screw thread on one side and a weldable end or another thread on the other side, they are highly flexible in use.

Rust-free stainless steel pins with high robustness

Of course, it is important that the stainless steel pin is of a certain quality. Otherwise, the welded seam may break or the steel may rust quickly. For this reason, all our models are made of V2A stainless steel.

V2A describes a class, which describes the first commercially produced stainless steel grade. Also known as WNr. 1.4301, this stainless steel is, among other things, particularly suitable for stainless steel pins, since its low carbon content means that it remains intergranularly resistant after welding for plate thicknesses of up to 5 millimeters, even without renewed heat treatment. Thus, it only needs to be welded once and it holds securely and without being attacked by the weather.

Stainless steel pins in all variants

To be able to name another advantage of our models, it is worthwhile to address shapes of stainless steel pins. Thus, although a straight shape is usually useful, angles also serve their purpose in certain situations. For this reason, models with angles of 135 degrees are available.

Of course, the external threads are also highly variable and available in sizes between 8x10 and 10x15. For our stainless steel rods with internal threads, sizes starting at 6 millimeters are also available. The rod length varies between 40 and 120 millimeters. In addition, to simplify welding and adapt to the fastening, it is no problem to buy the end without thread in a cylindrical shape. Thus, not only the process of welding is easier, but also the fit for holes or notches better given.

Who already has a screw thread and only wants to achieve an extension of a fastening is of course also right with us. So we also have models with two internal threads in the range. The probably most flexible form in the use offer our stainless steel pins with joint. An external and an internal thread provide the perfect adaptability of a bracket that is not at the right angle or must be changed again and again in the alignment.

Stainless steel pins with grinding

To round off the high-quality image of our stainless steel pins in the truest sense of the word should still be mentioned the grinding. This is 240, which means that it was done with a 240 sandpaper. At least that explains the grinding better in theory. Stainless steel, of course, can not be processed with a simple sandpaper. Nevertheless, this makes it clear that the processing is very fine and thus also the optics of the stainless steel pins makes something.
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