Grating clamps

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Grating clamp for grating height 40-50 mm | MW 30/30 mm | V2A
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Grating clamps

Small and inconspicuous but nevertheless enormously important. Grating clamps, along with the appropriately related grating double clamps , are among the fastening materials of gratings of any kind. However, gratings that have to withstand enormous loads, such as garage gratings , are excluded. Since gratings come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, the clamps must also be very flexible. So, of course, our models differ both in the grating height that can be fixed with them, and in the mesh size. Our grating clamps are of course made of mild steel ST37, which thus not only provides the necessary grip and safety, but also defies any weather conditions.

You can be sure that all our products are hot-dip galvanized. Hot dip galvanizing is a process that protects steel from corrosion. Grating clamps in particular need to withstand water, as their use is usually outdoors and they are exposed to the elements without protection. As the name implies, any hot-dip galvanized iron has a zinc coating, which ensures a thin, yet strong coat by immersion in molten zinc at about 450 degrees.

Maximum customizability of our grating clamps

While all of our grating clamps are uniform in this regard, they differ in three ways that thereby provide the maximum customizability:

- Bow top

- Mesh-width

- Rust height

The bracket top is purchasable in two variants. Thus, a simple socket head screw offers the possibility to connect the grating clamp with almost all gratings. Nevertheless, one must be aware in advance that usually a suitable washer is needed, unless the grate has a corresponding installation.

Should this not be the case recommend so-called dovetails. Although they are more inflexible in use, they prove themselves through a precisely fitting holder and thus leave no doubt about securing and holding. However, due to the exact fit, it is necessary that you select these grating clamps made to measure: For example, the mesh size indicates how large the distances between the "wings" are. Here we offer you the maximum choice: From 30/10 millimeters, to 20/20, to 30/30.The grating height determines the length of the locking screw, which must also be adjusted. Here, a height between 30 and 70 millimeters is common. The installation of the grating clamps is usually done via a hexagon head screw and a square nut.

The distance to the wall to which the grating clamp is attached is rarely important in terms of installation. This is because the clamp base, which holds the screw, has a rail that allows the position of the screw to vary. Rest assured that everything has been thought of our grating clamps: from hot-dip galvanizing to the maximum possible flexibility in use, without losing optimal support.

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