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Garage gratings (passable)

Shortly after work. It clacks in the courtyard driveway and the life partner drives the car into the driveway. What should this tell you? The clacking always has the same cause: every garage, driveway and carport has a garage grate. At least, it should. In our northern climates, they are more than useful, as rain and snow fall through them and cars or other vehicles can still drive over them with ease. Accordingly, one saves expensive drainage systems or is spared from nasty surprises, such as waterlogging in the garage.

A wide selection of garage grates
Driveways and garages differ both in the dimensions and in the building materials used. Thus, the range of garage gratings must also be so flexible that any garages can be equipped with it. Accordingly, we carry in our range not only any lengths and widths, but you also have the option to choose between 30/10 millimeter mesh size and 30/30 millimeter.

Depending on how the underlying drainage channel is constructed and where it flows, wider or narrower mesh sizes are suitable. 30/30 millimeter is more permeable, which will fill the drainage channel with leaves more quickly. 30/10 is narrower mesh, which allows foliage to get caught in the mesh. In principle, after this explanation must still be warned about garage grates: More than once a year cleaning should not be necessary.

Garage gratings and their properties
Some garage gratings are installed due to the construction of the garage so that a car is constantly on it. Here you do not have to worry about whether one of the two mesh sizes is particularly suitable for this. Both sizes are perfectly compatible and of course correspondingly stable. Because, like all our products, the garage gratings are also hot-dip galvanized in a full bath. So they defy any weather conditions and even wet tires can not harm them.

The support bar of mostly 30 millimeters in height and 1.5 millimeters in width gives the necessary durability. Thus, all models are tested with at least 3.4 kilonewtons of permissible wheel load. The narrower the dimensions, the higher the possible wheel load. We have garage gratings in our assortment that can bear up to 9 kilonewtons of wheel load. This means that neither your car nor the garage grating is at risk. The weight of the models is around 4 kilograms.

Installation of garage gratings
Since this particular type of grating must withstand enormous loads, a fastening by simple grating clamps is not possible. A so-called frame is necessary, which holds the U-profile of the garage gratings. Thus, the distribution of forces is optimally given and the frame also allows the grates to be easily removed. This facilitates cleaning of the drainage channel or the grate immensely.
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