Sliding gate fittings

Single roll
When using single roll
size Gate weight per leaf in kg

for straight-running gates with 2 rollers hand-operated | hand-operated
Gate weight per leaf in kg

for concertina and folding doors
(2 leaves = 1 roller)
Two-axis rolling apparatuses are generally recommended.
They ensure accurate guidance and provide excellent running properties.Volume weight for pine or spruce wood 500-700 kg/m3.

Double roller
Select the required roller attachments for the selected load
Each gate leaf carries a maximum of 2 roller attachments.
When using the double roller
Size Supporting capacity double roller kgGate weight per wing in kg

for straight-running gates with 2 rolling apparatus manually operated | electr. operated***
Gate weight per leaf in kg

for concertina and folding doors(2 leaves = 1 roller unit)manually operated
045 *90 | ---22
1100 **200 | 10050
2200400 | 200100
3300600 | 300150
46001200 | 600300
510002000 | 1000----
* Stainless steel rollers with plastic ring 30kg
** Stainless steel rollers with plastic ring 50kg
*** for electric operated doors we recommend double rollers with side guide

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Find the perfect support for your gate with sliding gate hardware

Sliding gate hardware is the functional connection between the gate leaf and the retaining wall, ceiling or supporting floor. While the basic use of gate hardware is thereby quickly explained, many different additional uses can nevertheless be distinguished. Thus, the size of the gate hardware is not only decisive for the appearance, but especially for the associated load capacity.

Purely technically, there is little to pay attention to a sliding gate hardware. We at Stahl24 make it even easier for you and differentiate five different sizes. The weight of your gate wing can be assigned quite simply to one of the five sizes. The advantage: Once you have determined the size of the sliding gate fitting, you can easily decide on the right rolling apparatus.

The right rolling apparatus to the sliding gate fitting

The basic distinction between single and double roller is important. Depending on the size choice, the double roller - attached to a sliding gate hardware - can carry up to 200 kilos more weight. With single rollers, of course, the installation is somewhat easier, but the load capacity is lower. In addition, it must be added that in principle double-axis rollers are recommended.

But back to our sliding gate fittings from Stahl24. Let's take our complete assortment for gate hardware size 0 as an example. Once clicked, you will find everything you need. So under this size we have not only the right gate hardware, but directly supply the possible barrels, sleeves and of course rollers. So you have in the twinkling of an eye everything in your shopping cart, which perfectly sets the new gate in scene and of course also ensures optimum functionality.

The many uses of gate hardware

The keyword functionality is decisive for the following list of the great flexibility of sliding gate hardware in their use. Thus, a wide variety of gates can be held by it. Particularly in the industry, in the store and fair construction, in stable plants, with sliding platforms or even transport systems sliding gate fittings find a meaningful employment.

Work procedures are enormously simplified, since products can be transported no longer by forklift truck, but by overhead transport system. Depending on the weight class of the products, a complete range of size 3, size 4 or even size 5 is usually suitable for this.

Stalls, sliding doors or protective curtains usually get by with a size 1 load capacity. Size 2 sliding gate hardware is a possible middle ground for both uses, private and industrial.

Sliding gate hardware from Stahl24

As your online store for steel, we offer sliding gate hardware not only ungalvanized but also galvanized. Find the perfect product with us and have it conveniently delivered to your home. With Stahl24 you have found your partner for metal!

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